What are the Guidelines for ISP license Registration?

To start an Internet Business from scratch it’s mandatory to register company as private limited according to  companies act. Private limited companies more than two directors OR private limited company with one director which is called one person company Or OPC private limited . Both are eligible for ISP license.

If it’s a new firm then also you are eligible for having ISP license after this you have to decide that what type of license or what level of license you want to apply for suppose if you want to work for Pan India then you have to apply for category A, if you want to apply for state level then it should be a category B and if you want to apply for a smallest level that is category C so it should be based on your requirement that what level you want to apply for if you are going for a new business then our recommendation is you can start from the lowest level that is category C .  Later If you want to grow your business to larger area that means you want to upgrade from category C that can be happened you can upgrade from category C to category B and for this you have to apply for category B and then you have to surrender category C

For surrendering and upgrading process for ISP License you can contact us.

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