How to Start an ISP Business in India?

Planning to Start your own Internet Business? It is an excellent business opportunity as India is truly awakening to the world of Internet. Not only are people using internet on their mobiles, but also on smart TVs and streaming high quality entertainment from channels of their choice. Smart devices like Alexa use internet and are a fashion statement in modern homes where everyone has their own internet space. This is truly the right time to be a part of DIGITAL INDIA and join the Broadband ISP Business wagon and mint good profits. In this article we share with you tips on how to start your own Internet Broadband Service Provider Business anywhere in India.

Is ISP business profitable?

Yes, certainly. The total cost of getting an ISP license (category C) along with other costs can be up to 6 lakh Rupees. If a service provider provides their services to 200 customers for a period of 12 months and if the customers pay them Rs. 400 per month, the service providers will earn Rs. 7, 20, 000 every year. This example shows that ISP business is not only profitable but an ever growing recurring source of income for people who can manage it properly.

So where do we start? 

First you need to define how you wish to start your ISP business.

There are two ways you can start your own ISP business

  1. One you can start as a franchise.
  2. another is to have your own license.

What is the Difference?

For franchise you cannot bill directly to customer, bill should be made in name of your parent company which has a ISP license.

Another way is to apply for a ISP license from Dot in your own company name.

What is an ISP license?

This license is commonly known as Unified License (UL). Private Sector Company’s can apply for ISP license for different areas under Unified License.

What is the need for ISP license?

ISP license is needed by the companies to provide telecom services in different areas. It is issued under unified license by the telecom department.

What are the requirements to get an ISP license?

For applying for ISP license its mandatory that company should be private limited as per companies act.

Another important point to note that is when you make your company as private limited please do mention Internet Service Provider word in your MOA as a service.

What are the various categories of ISP license?

Based on your choice you can apply where you want to work – means if you want to work for All India or Pan India then you have to apply for category A, if you want to work at state level then you can apply for category B and if you want to apply for lowest level you can say district level then you can apply for category C. After getting the relevant license you can start your own Internet business.

How convenient is it to get an ISP license?

Well, its an elaborate process where you have to produce documents and fulfill the required criteria. Once you submit your documents with the authorities, it goes for verification and validation and takes a couple of weeks at each phase. The license takes a few months before approval if all is done properly as per the defined process. However if the documentation is not proper or you miss the fine points during submission, the application will take much longer for rectification and processing further.

How to get an ISP license as fast as possible?

Expert guidance is essential to get the documents in proper order and to ensure that each and every small detail is properly evaluated and answered. Having a seasoned ISP License consultant by your side not only ensures a hassle free process but also saves on time and effort. Of course it costs, but that cost is little compared to the cost of delay to the business plans and impact on ROI.

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